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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Charity Gig - Cancer Warriors

Today's Charity gig was a good one in my POV. Kudos to Stella Thng from LIME Magazine for organising this gig. Kudos to everyone who made the gig possible.

Lotsa of people were there for the gig, amongst them were some top-notch local bands in Singapore which includes, Electrico, West Grand Boulevard, Ronin, and a up-coming soloist, Elsa. Wayne Thunder from The SunS, Leonard Soosay, HYR, Jiahui were all at the gig! All of them contributed to the Cancer Warriors CD.

I enjoyed my day there although the sun was scorching my skin, I am just glad the heavens didnt rain or else the gig would not have been made possible.

If you see the Cancer Warriors CD or Book, please be a kind soul and buy a copy, for 100% of the proceeds goes to Breast Cancer Foundation & Joan Chan Trust Fund.


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